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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 4

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Brendan Schneider

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  • 02:27 “The thing that we do though with print is that we’re not doing just basic branding ads. So we’re trying to do ads that force some sort of call to action, whether we’re advertising events or advertising whatever inquiry magnets. We’re trying to get people to take action and not just general brand awareness about how great our school is or something like that.”

  • 04:12 “I think the schools that are going to succeed are the schools that know themselves, are the schools that really define their unique selling proposition because what they can do is take what they are, take who they are, and be able to articulate that for the general population.”

  • 07:13 “Inbound marketing can only really control one thing and that’s the inquiry number. The rest of the stuff is the function of your admission offices, the function of financial aid and tuition and transportation. So there’s a lot of factors in play here. But I can say with confidence that an inbound marketing campaign properly executed will help your inquiries.”

  • 08:03 “I tell schools all the time: focus on the admission numbers. Focus on your inquiries, your applications, and your visits.”

  • 13:35 “I think there’s nothing worse than having a social media channel and… not having content there consistently. I think it’s a terrible first look for the school. A prospective family goes to a channel and your last post is three or four months ago. I would argue, if that’s your frequency, you need to delete the channel.”


In this episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast, Jason How of Agency J sits down with Sewickley Academy’s Director of Advancement Brendan Schneider to talk about inbound and social media marketing strategies for schools.


Aside from his work with Sewickley, Brendan is also the founder of SchneiderB Media, an inbound and social media marketing resource for school marketers. Brendan is also a regular contributor to multiple blogs and publications such as and Social Media Today.


01:08 Opinion: Print is out & dipping enrollment
05:19 Applying inbound marketing
08:02 Measuring inquiries, applications & visits
11:57 Choosing social media channels
16:36 Advertising for new schools
18:40 Casual chat: Multitasking & passion


Brendan is the director of Advancement at Sewickley Academy a P K to 12 school located near Pittsburgh. He is also the founder of Snyder B media, a very popular inbound and social media marketing resource for school marketers. Brendan is a regular contributor for multiple blogs and publications such as ad social media emissions, and social media today.

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